Anonymous Reporting Services

Whistleblower Hotline



TeleSentry's Employee Verification Program

TeleSentry's Employee Verification Program will provide your organization with proof of receipt from all your employees confirming that they have received, read and understand your policies and procedures.

TeleSentry's verification program will help mitigate the considerable risk facing your organization if you are unable to validate an employee's awareness of your Whistleblower Protection Policies, Reporting Procedures and Non-Retaliation Protection Policies as well will eliminate any questions of impropriety in acquiring and managing these signed receipts

Communication Materials & Tracking

Employees with email and web access can be sent your company's policies and anonymous reporting procedures along with the request that each employee read, print, sign and fax to TeleSentry.  For your convenience and at no cost to you, TeleSentry will set-up a toll free fax number for your employees.

For those employees who do not have email or Internet access payroll inserts containing a return receipt will communicate the company's policies and procedures and provide a mechanism for the employee to sign, fax or mail to TeleSentry.

TeleSentry Services

  • Creates & Maintains A Toll Free Fax Number For The Receipt of Signed Employee Receiptsss
  • Builds & Maintains A Database of Employee ID's
  • Creates an Image Database of Signed Receipts Linked To Employee ID numbers
  • Provides Document Retrieval Services Within 24 Hours of Request

Sample Employee Signature Documents......PDF