Anonymous Reporting Services

Whistleblower Hotline



Telesentry’s Anonymous Whistleblower Hotlines

  • Available Toll-free 24/7  / 365
  • The anonymity of your employees is our primary objective.

  • Callers are encouraged to assign a password to their report to enable an anonymous dialogue with your company.
  • Intake Reports are sent to recipients within hours of receipt.

  • Report tracking is available to all designated personnel.
  • Monthly or Quarterly status reports are sent to all designated recipients.

Solutions That Limit Liability

Telesentry's reporting procedures are designed to protect a caller's anonymity. Through the use of highly trained intake personnel and secure procedures Telesentry help your company deliver a zero retaliation policy.   

'Your "whistleblower" policy should specify that the organization will not retaliate against, and will protect the confidentiality of individuals who make good-faith reports.'

Principles for
Good Governance
and Ethical Practice

'According to Jury Verdict Research, the median award in whistleblower suits was $338,386, outpacing all other types of employment claims.'

TeleSentry will limit your liability risk by assuring a callers anonymity.