Anonymous Reporting Services

Whistleblower Hotline





Are Whistleblowers Protected?


In your Whistleblower Policy have you informed and encouraged staff and volunteers to report illegal practices and violations of your stated policies and specified that the organization will protect the individual from retaliation?


Was Fraud Discovered?


Did your organization become aware during the organization's tax year of a material diversion of its assets, whether or not the diversion occurred during the year?

     Critical Issues For Board Members & Management


The reality is that whistleblowers lose their jobs, suffer mistreatment and are subject to reprisal and ostracism.


Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation imposes criminal liability for retaliation against Whistleblowers in addition to penalties levied by State Whistleblower protection laws.  Telesentry's Anonymous Whistleblower Hotline & Secure Web Reporting Service protects the identity of the caller eliminating the possibility of employee retaliation.  The identity of the Whistleblower is always protected.

Whistleblower policy and reporting procedures are in place but you cannot verify an employee's awareness.


Telesentry's Employee Verification Program delivers your policy to all employees and validates their receipt with a signed confirmation of receipt and understanding.

Report Investigation


A whistleblower policy & reporting procedure will enable your company to demonstrate best faith efforts to prevent fraud.  Telesentry's will help deliver an affirmative defense by demonstrating your commitment to effective tools in combatting fraud, protecting the whistleblower from retaliation and being able to prove all employees were aware of the policies.