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TeleSentry has been contracted by your organization to assure that your anonymity is protected in filing a report concerning your knowledge of any unethical or illegal activities. Please take a few minutes to review the Companies Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to determine which authority may best be able to address your specific concern. If you decide the concern is best addressed independently by the Audit Committee please continue with your complaint and provide as much detail as possible. This will assist in efforts to conduct a thorough investigation. Take caution not to provide details that might expose your identity.

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Any conduct that you reasonably believe is a violation of any provision of the Companies Code of Conduct and Ethics.
Is a violation of any rule or regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Is a violation of any provision of US Federal law relating to fraud against shareholders.
Is an act of securities, bank, wire, money laundering or other fraud or swindles as defined by the United States Code or other country Codes, or
Is an act of retaliation against any person who has made a hotline report.

Please Address These Questions To Assist In Filing Your Report

Please consider the following questions when you enter the details of your report.
  • Where did this occur?
  • Who was involved?
  • What is your relationship to the organization (employee, vendor, consultant, or volunteer)?
  • Were you or the company harmed?
  • What is the dollar amount, personal gain, or company loss involved?
  • Was there any fraudulent misrepresentation or dishonesty?
  • Are there any witnesses or documents to support?

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If You Have Support Materials

Fax Any Documents That You Might Have To Assist In An Investigation To TeleSentry's Toll Free Fax # (866) 211-8984. In order to match your report to the information you forward please include your case name on each page you send.

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