Anonymous Reporting Services

Whistleblower Hotline



Telesentry’s Anonymous Whistleblower Hotline

  • Services provided 24/7  / 365
  • Protecting the anonymity of the caller is our primary objective.
  • Callers are encouraged to assign a passowrd to their report  to enable an anonymous dialogue with your company.
  • Intake Reports are sent to recipients within hours of receipt.
  • Report tracking is available to all designated personnel.
  • Status reports of  are sent to all designated recipients.

Solutions That Limit Liability

Telesentry's reporting procedures are designed to protect a caller's anonymity. TeleSentry's Anonymous Reporting Hotline offers your employees and volunteers the assurance that they will not be subject to any retaliation. Your management team and board members will have the peace of mind that their exposure to criminal liability has been eliminated and your auditors and insurance providers can be assured that you can deliver a zero retaliation policys.

'Your "whistleblower" policy should specify that the organization will not retaliate against, and will protect the confidentiality of individuals who make good-faith reports.  

"Principles For Good Governance
and Ethical Practice"

'According to Jury Verdict Research, the median award in whistleblower suits was $338,386, outpacing all other types of employment claims.'

TeleSentry will limit your liability risk by assuring a callers anonymity.